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How to press loose eyeshadows (guest post by

I love eye shadows but i have never been fond of loose eye shadows they are just way too messy and the payoff is often less than what you actually think or want. So here is a quick and simple way to press eye shadows by not spending too time and money.

Things you will need

1. Loose eyeshadow or pigments 
2. Alcohol (i prefer the highest amount of alcohol
the more percentage of alcohol you use the faster
it will dry and i am using 91%)
3.Q-tips (you can also use cotton balls but i like
using Q-tips i think it cleans up better)
4. Toothpick (a spatula or any other tools
can be used as you like but i like using 
toothpick i think i have mo re control on  
it and it easier to mix with it)
5. A quarter
6. Empty eyeshadow pans ( i bought my pans from eBay
it comes in a palette with 12empty magnetic pans for about $5.99
which i think is a great deal and its pretty nice too rather than buying
everything separate and spend more when you can get the whole
palette in a cheaper price. you can also
view a post about that on my Facebook Page )

I have seen lots of people uses pressing medium like "My Mix clear" Hard pressed medium" " bio silk" etc...and also uses lots of other tools and pots to mix shadows and what not which i think is a total waste of money. why not use things that you already have around you in your home, than again its totally my opinion you can use whatever you like and comfortable with. =)

 OK! here we go with the processing of pressing eye shadows.


The very first step is the cleaning step. Its very important 
to sanitize the pans and more importantly the quarter as 
we all know how dirty can it be.So always clean your hands,
pans and the quarter with the rubbing alcohol to disinfect.


Take a small amount of eyeshadow and put 
it on to the pan. I prefer to take small amount
at a time than dumping all at once this will 
help it mix the shadow well and make 
a less mess.


Take few drops of alcohol on to the cap.
You can also use a spray bottle or a syringe
But i like using the cap like i said before i rather
use the things i already have than buying extras.
But you can use whatever you like and comfortable with.


Put few drops at a time and mix it well.It will help
you better if you take few drop of alcohol
at a time than dumping it all at once. It will
just ruin you mixture and make more mess.


Mix the eyeshadow with the toothpick
and make sure there are no lumps.
Add more alcohol if needed. Make sure the 
Texture is creamy like cake batter 
and not watery.


Keep adding more eyeshadow and alcohol
and mix it until your pan is full and you 
get a nice creamy texture.

It should look like this.

And now let it dry for about 3/4hours i like
drying it overnight i think it gives a better
texture if you let it dry it for long. But its up to
you just make sure its completely dried.


Now the most important part! The pressing part.
Take a piece of napkin (you can also use a clean
piece of cloth) fold it couple of times and put it
on top of the shadow pan and than put the coin 
on top and press as hard as you can. You can 
also put something heavy on it to press better.
Keep pressing until you are satisfied. Now remove 
the napkin and flip it over and see if its clean as the 
picture above. The eye shadow must not stick
on the napkin if it did than it means it didn't dry enough.
If that happens what you can do it put some alcohol 
on the napkin and press again and let it dry.


It should look like this when its completely dried. And 
now take you pressed eyeshadow and place it 
in you palette. AND YOU ARE ALL DONE !! :)

I recently pressed a full palette of  loose 
eye shadows you can see it here

I hope this post helps you all and i also
hope i was clear enough to make 
you all understand.

And i thank my friend Mona for
letting me do a guest post on her blog. ❤


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