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Fall Lipstick Series: VOL 1

Hi there, so fall is right around the corner which is why I decided to start a Fall Lipstick Series. I will share my picks which will change in every 7 to 10 days. I have a bad habit once I like a lipstick I use that for weeks and weeks meanwhile all my other lipsticks are being neglected. I decided to rotate my lipsticks so this way I put all my lipsticks to use. I hope you guys enjoy this series and I hope this inspires you to do the same. This week I picked out 3 Mac Cosmetics lipsticks Up The Amp, Mystical ( LE), & Acai ( LE) .

Mac Cosmetics Up The Amp, Mystical, Acai

Mac Cosmetics Up The Amp, Mystical, Acai

Up The Amp- Its a lavender violet with a amplified finish.

Mystical- Its a rosy brown shade with a creme finish.

Acai- Its a deep berry shade with a matte finish.



  1. Great picks Mona! I think I love Fall colors more than Summer. Just maybe! I followed you on Bloglovin by the way, since I'm not on Word Press or Google.

    <3, Dom

    1. Thanks Dom! I followed you back thanks for following btw i'm loving your blog =)


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