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L'oreal Paris x Balmain Lipsticks Review & Swatches

L'oreal Paris x Balmain Lipsticks

Product Info:
For the first time, L'Oréal Paris collaborates with Balmain to create a range of 12 exclusive couture matte shades designed under the creative direction of Olivier Rousteing himself. Divided into three color themes, representative of the three tribes of L'Oréal Paris x Balmain Paris femininity—Glamazone, Couture, and Rock—accessible beauty meets high fashion. Only for a limited time, indulge in the richest matte colors with intense hydration and comfort.

From the moment I found out about the L'oreal Paris x Balmain Lipstick Collection ($14 for 0.13 oz) I knew I had to get my hands on them! Well, little did I know how hard the whole process would be I knew they were available at Barneys but not all shades were in stock. So, I began purchasing these lipsticks one at a time as they arrived in stock and I have accumulated a total of six shades from the collection. I picked up the shades: Glamazone, Power, Domination, Fever, Confession and Confidence. 

L'oreal Paris x Balmain Lipsticks

Let's begin with the packaging it is not as luxurious I was hoping it would be I mean I knew it's an affordable drugstore product but still I had high expectation. The lipstick cases come in three different colors in a faux marble packaging, it can get scratched easily and It's very flimsy. Needless to say, I'm very disappointed with the packaging not what you'd expect from Loreal, Balmain or Barneys to say the least.

Moving onto the consistency- The darker shades Glamazone and Power applied a little steaky especially Power. You'd definitely need to pair it with a lipliner for an even finish. The formula and texture of all six lipsticks are quite different from each other some had streaky and patchy application while some glide on the lips evenly without a hitch. These lipsticks are heavily fragranced but it didn't bother me however, I can see this being an issue for others. The lipstick bullet makes the application very easy and out of the six shades, I would say Fever, Domination, and Confession are highly pigmented. I got 3-4 hours of wear before it started to fade and the darker shades did leave a light stain behind.

L'oreal Paris x Balmain Lipsticks

L'oreal Paris x Balmain Glamazone Lipsticks

  • Glamazone- It's a cool tone gray shade and it has a satin finish.

L'oreal Paris x Balmain Power Lipsticks

  • Power- a deep brown shade with a satin finish. This went on a little streaky and it needed a few layers for an opaque color payoff. 

L'oreal Paris x Balmain Domination Lipsticks

  • Domination- a beautiful blue tone matte red shade. 

L'oreal Paris x Balmain Fever Lipsticks

  • Fever- a bright warm-toned orange shade with a satin finish.

L'oreal Paris x Balmain Confession Lipsticks

  • Confession- a peachy pink shade and it has a creme finish. 

L'oreal Paris x Balmain Confidence Lipsticks

  • Confidence- a shimmery peachy gold shade and it has a frost finish. This does settle into the lip lines so be sure to prime your lips prior application. 

L'oreal Paris x Balmain Lipsticks


The brand claimed these lipsticks are a matte finish but that was not the case but I won't say its a bad thing cause I actually prefer the satin finish over a matte finish lipstick. Also, I would like to mention how difficult it was to track down a swatch photo or a definite launch date. I have left several comments on L'oreal Instagram account and all of them were left unanswered.

Although I wasn't very impressed with this collection I wouldn't say it's a total fail. Despite the inconsistent formula, the lipsticks didn't dry out my lips and they're very comfortable on the lips. The collection also has a nice selection of unique shades to choose from which I appreciate. The lipsticks that performed the best are Domination, Fever, and Confession. 

I'm not sure if this collection is now permanent but you can find the entire L'oreal Paris x Balmain Paris Lipsticks collection at Ulta Beauty, Barneys

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