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Lets Talk Cuticle

Hey guys i have been meaning to do a review on some products but i have been super duper sick lately this fever hit me hard =( .....finally feeling a little better and decided to finish this up ok so enough babbling lets get on with this review =) 

Burt's Bees Lemon Cuticle Cream ($5.99 0.60 oz)
-Let me start off by saying I have a 5 year old who loves making a mess ,so being a mommy i have to constantly clean up and touch water .which left me with dry damaged cuticle it was painful and horrible ,so i had to get myself a good cuticle cream to moisturize them and bring back some life and i've found it. the consistency of this product is more of a oil than cream which is not a problem for me cause i use this right before i go to bed it and wake up with amazing moisturized cuticle .it does have a lemon scent to it which does not bother me. you don't need a lot a little goes a long way .since i have been using this product i have noticed a huge difference no more dry cracked bleeding cuticles.

Julep Nail Growth Revitalizing Serum ($38.00 37 fl oz)
-I used to get my nails done in the salon and its been couple of years i stopped doing that. i've been trying to grow out my natural nails. i realized how much damage acrylic nails did for my nail bed .its so hard to grow my nails cause they are always breaking and chipping. they are super thin and fragile it was really frustrating ,so i started using nail growth polishes and came across this one .i don't think this helped growing my nails but it definitely helped strengthening and hydrating my nails and cuticle .it is kind of pricey but its worth it. i apply this liquid serum all over my cuticle area on my bare nails and under my nails then i let it dry before i apply a base coat and nail polish. i have been using this for couple of months now but i don't use this everyday because i forget sometimes and i still got an amazing result overall i love this product combine this with the burt's bees cuticle cream really helped my nails and cuticle a lot .

 Hope You Enjoyed 

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