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Strawberry & Honey Mask

Lately my skin have been looking a bit dull so decided to try out this easy homemade mask and thought of sharing it with you guys this mask is good for oily and dry skin so hope you guys try this out and benefit from it =)

Here's what you will need

cut the strawberries into small pieces then mash them 
add some honey and mix it well with the mashed strawberries
start with a clean face and tie your hair up
apply it on your face 
leave it on for 10 min rinse off with warm water  
(just do a patch test first to make sure your not allergic or anything)

Strawberry can brighten and tone your skin .it contains salicylic acid which is great for acne prone skin.

Honey is my HG product i absolutely love honey for my skin. It helps balance out oily skin I prefer raw honey because the high heat used during the pasteurization process it can destroy the natural properties found in honey.



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    1. it sure does you will see a instant glow ...lots of acne products contains salicylic acid and strawberry happens to be full of it so its a easy way to help reduce the pimples if you are dealing with acne it also helps sooth sunburned skin you will not see a huge difference right away but over the time you will notice results from it and we all know how awesome and effective honey is =)


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