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Burberry Hydrangea Pink Light Glow Natural Blush


Burberry Hydrangea Pink Light Glow Natural Blush 
Price $42.00 
0.24 oz.
Where to buy:Burberry

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Details From Burberry 
-A lightweight blush that gives the skin a bright fresh glow.
-Burberry Light Glow contains silicones for effortless and even application and wild rose extract for moisturizing benefits.


Lets start with the packaging of this blush it comes in a velvet pouch debossed with burberry check .it also comes with a brush i didn't use the brush i just left it in the compact.I had quiet a hard time trying to get the actual color to show up on the pictures. i think i got some good pictures that's showing the actual color of the blush. its a deep dusty  berryish pink color blush, its very pigmented so you have to be really light hand while applying this. this blush smells like rose but the scent does gets lighter after couple of use but does not disappear completely which i don't have a problem with cause i just love the scent.i have sensitive skin and the fragrance didn't cause any breakouts .

I wanted to compare some blush with the hydrangea blush. i wanted to compare it with mac's amazon princess, but i gave that blush to my sister so i couldn't do a comparision with that. but as much as i remember amazon princess is a bit more dark plum tone than this. due to the intensity of this blush the application becomes a little hard you have to be light hand and then blend really well.

From left to right
*Burberry Hydrangea pink, Mac Over dyed, NARS Desire 

Overall i really like this blush its bright and intense but blend able perfect summer color.this blush lasts about 6-7 hours on my oily skin. there is a slight sheen to it its barely noticeable once you apply it on your cheeks. this color will look nice on darker and lighter skin tone you can see i don't own any color like this so i'm pretty happy with my purchase not to mention how i fell in love with the smooth buttery texture of this blush.if you don't own something similar to this blush i totally recommend for you to check this blush out if its in your budget. i do intend on picking up couple more burberry blush in the future.


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