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Ipsy November Glam Bag

Ipsy November 2013

Ipsy November 2013

I received my ipsy November glam it up bag. This month everyone received 6 products in a gorgeous golden glam bag with pink trims.When i heard we are getting one item from em cosmetic I was super excited. I was really looking forward to the BH cosmetics galaxy chic baked eyeshadow and as you can see I didn't get that. I'm glad I didn't get any hair or skin care products since I have sensitive skin I try not to switch up my skin care products. Here's what I got 

-kiss everEzLashes Lash Double Pack
-Pixi Beauty Bronzer Subtly Sun touched
-Nailtini Nail Lacquer Caviar Cocktail
-Be a Bombshell Lip Crayon Shameless
-Star looks Gem Pencil Amethyst
-em Michelle Phan Waterline Intense Eyeliner Sunshine Yellow

Kiss Lashes 

I've never used kiss lashes. The band on these lashes looks pretty thin so excited to try these out.

Pixi Beauty Bronzer Subtly Sun touched

I always liked pixi brand,However this bronzer looks shimmery. I don't like shimmers/glitters on my bronzer so not sure if I'm going to keep this or give it away.

Nailtini Nail Lacquer Caviar Cocktail

This brand is new to me too and I'm not a big fan of metallic formula and the color. This one is definitely going to my sisters collection.

Be a Bombshell Shameless

Never purchased anything from this brand. I like the formula of this lip crayon but the color not so much. Wish it was a nude or pink .

Star looks Gem Pencil Amethyst, em Waterline Intense Color Eye Liner Sunshine Yellow

Star looks brand is new to me i like the color it will be a great base. I really like the em eye liner pencil such a pretty color. Both of the eye liner glides on smooth and both are super pigmented.

From left to right *Star looks Gem Pencil Amethyst, em Sunshine Yellow, Bombshell Shameless

I like the idea of ipsy and the price is pretty amazing. This month ipsy out did themselves. 6 items for $10 bucks plus a wristlet. If you'd like you can Join me here.


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