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Narsissist Dual-Intensity Cheek Palette Review & Swatches

Narsissist Dual-Intensity Cheek Palette
Price $59.00 for 0.08 oz. 2.5 g (x4)
Where To Purchase: Nars Cosmetics, Sephora

Narsissist Dual-Intensity Cheek Palette

Product Info
#Narsissist Dual-Intensity Blush Palette work your angles with an all-in-one cheek palette. Highlighter, blush, and contouring tones double up with a dimensional, wet/dry formula. Universally flattering. Ultra-versatile. Set Features:
  • Soft Tulle- It's a soft iridescent silvery shade with a frosted finish.
  • Damask with Gold Sheen- It's a warm peachy shade with a gold sheen. Kind of reminds me of the famous Nars Orgasm blush.
  • Peony- It's a vibrant bright pink shade with a satin finish. 
  • Titian- It's a rosy brown shade and it's a satin finish, with a hint of shimmer. 

Narsissist Dual-Intensity Cheek Palette

A while back I purchased two Dual-Intensity blush duo called Frenzy and Jubilation, it was love at first sight. So needless to say I'm a big fan of Nars Dual-Intensity formula, it can be used wet/dry and it's very pigmented with a beautiful metallic/sheen finish. The mirrored case with Narsissist printed on the compact gives the packaging a very sleek look. Inside, there is a total of four shades:A highlighter, two blush, and a contouring shade. On my medium to tan skin, the contouring shade can be passed as a blush. I have large pores on my cheeks and I usually prefer matte blushes but these blushes despite having a sheen to it didn't emphasize on my pores. All four shades are perfect for all skin tone, however, the highlighter shade can be a little too frosty for deeper skin tone. Also, the highlighter lacks in pigmentation I had to go over it a few times to get it to show up on me. As for the other three shades they performed beautifully, these blushes are blendable and gives you a nice glow especially if you have a tan it just looks stunning! I personally like to use them dry but if you want intense pigmentation you can use them wet. I use my favorite Hakuhodo J210 and J4004 brush to apply the blush and the highlighter, both brushes fit perfectly in the pan. This palette is also perfect to travel with, it's so nice and compact it can fit in your makeup case without it taking up too much space. Let's take a closer look at the shades.

Narsissist Dual-Intensity Cheek Palette Soft Tulle & Damask

Narsissist Dual-Intensity Cheek Palette Peony & Titian

Narsissist Dual-Intensity Cheek Palette

Narsissist Dual-Intensity Cheek Palette Ingredients

I totally adore this little palette it's a great multi-tasking palette since you can use the shades as an  eyeshadow as well. I've taken this palette with me while I traveled this summer and it served me well, it lasted about 8-9 hours even with all the hot and humid weather. This palette is Limited Edition so if you're interested, it's still available on Nars Cosmetics and Sephora website.

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  1. I've been going back-and-forth about this one. I love the three blush shades! This was a great review, thanks for sharing.

    1. I love the blushes too! Wish the highlighter performed as well as the blushes. Thanks for stopping by :)


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