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Lets Talk Brows

Hey guys i have been meaning to do a post on my brow routine and everything i use to fill in my brows. so here it is over the years i changed my brow shapes and routine a lot. finally I'm happy with the way i do my brows now its fast and easy for me at least. just keep in mind this is the way i like to do my brows you can totally substitute products and find a way that's easier for you =)

-Mac Spiked Brow Pencil (Price $16.00 0.09 g/ 0.003 oz)
-Elf Brow Wand (Price $1.00)
-Mac Studio Finish SPF 35 Concealer NC 42 (Price $18.00 7g)
-Anastasia Brow Powder In Brunette (Price $23.00 1.60g/ 0.056 oz)
-Anastasia Clear Brow Gel (Price $22.00 0.28 oz)
-Mac 242 Brush (Price $25.00)
-Mac 266 Brush (Price $20.00)

DSC 0924
Mac Spiked Brow Pencil, Mac Studio Finish SPF 35 Concealer NC 42 

Ive been using this brow pencil for years now, i really like it. i have thin brows that have been over plucked at times and this creamy pencil covers those hideous bald spots really well. this stays on all day i think this color is perfect for me. its a deep dark brown color i don't like my brows to be super light . i think the price is pretty reasonable i always buy two to three at once this is something i will always repurchase. I use studio fix concealer to shape my brows its super thick and have great coverage. you only need a little bit of this, i got it in NC 42 because i don't like that super light highlight around the brow area.

photo 53
Anastasia Brow Powder In Brunette 

As you can see i love this product i think the packaging is different now. i don't quite remember when i purchased this its been a while maybe over a year or two. i like to go over my brows with this powder after outlining my brows with the brow pencil. i tried using a eye shadow to fill in my brows it wasn't the same didn't like how it looked. this powder gives my brow that thick natural look. i love this stuff and did i mention this duo powder will last you forever.

Anastasia Clear Brow Gel (Price $22.00 0.28 oz)

I'm not a big fan of those tinted brow gels actually I'm not a brow gel fan period. i wont say this is a bad product or this a amazing product. i don't use this every day i only use this when my brows aren't plucked and need to be tamed. i noticed when i use brow gels it just doesn't look very natural. in photographs you can see the gel on the brows not a good here is a step by step pictorial on how i fill in my brows.

Step 1 
I apply a little bit of Too Faced Shadow Insurance and brush them in place.

Step 2
I outline my brows with mac brow pencil.

Step 3
I spray my mac 266 brush with fix plus, then dip the brush in the dark brown powder and fill in the brows.

Step 4
Using elf's brow wand blend in the brow powder. i blend the powder towards the front of the brow just so there is no harsh line.

Step 5
I use a concealer to clean and shape my brows.

Step 6
Just blend the concealer and you are all done! if you want you can go ahead and use a brow gel but i skipped it.hope you guys found this helpful & thank you for reading.



  1. Loved the post..
    I'm into doing brows recently but never seems to be perfect!!

  2. The Anastasia brow products are so famous tht i wanna get them now!

    I used a pencil/gel duo by revlon.. and it amazes me what difference brows can make :)
    Great post

    1. Ya I see that now it's all over Instagram YouTube when I first purchased their brow powder they didn't have much in their collection now they have those brow kits and so much more.. Thank you :)


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