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Pixi By Petra Glow Tonic Review

 Pixi By Petra Glow Tonic
Price $15.00 for 100 ml
Where To Purchase: Target, Pixi beauty

Pixi Beauty Description
Glow tonic with ginseng & fructose. Helps tone, firm and tighten the skin. Removes dead skin cells for a healthier looking skin. Alcohol-free. Use after cleanser on a cotton pad. Key ingredients: aloe vera, ginseng, and glycolic acid-5%. Suitable for all skin types.

Pixi By Petra Glow Tonic

Application Tip
I started using Glow Tonic about two months ago, the first month I only used it during my pm routine. I gradually worked up to twice a day. sometimes I skip it during my morning routine depending on how my skin is feeling. I use my favorite Shiseido cotton pads, saturate the cotton pad then sweep it across my face and neck twice. Then I wait about 5 minutes before I apply serum, moisturizer, and all that good stuff.

 Pixi By Petra Glow Tonic

As long as I can remember, I never cared for a toner mostly because the ones I tried didn't work for me. Well, that was before I came across this gem called Glow Tonic! I've heard nothing but great things about this product, it has been raved by many British bloggers before it hit the states. What I love about Glow Tonic is that its alcohol-free, oil-free, doesn't strip out all the natural oils. The color of Glow Tonic is so unique it's a bright peachy orangey shade which comes from the red ginseng. The fragrance of this tonic is quite pleasant, It smells like a fresh flower and it disappears very quickly.  This toner contains 5% Glycolic Acid, which is AHA derived from sugar canes. It helps with fine lines, exfoliating, brightening skin, preventing acne and removing blackheads. Aloe Vera is the second ingredient that's listed on the bottle, which means that there is quite of bit of it in there. Aloe Vera helps moisturize, have anti-inflammatory properties and it softens the skin. It also contains witch hazel which tones and firms the skin and all sorts of other good stuff like red ginseng, horse chestnut seed extract that will make your skin healthier and brighter. 

Pixi By Petra Glow Tonic

Pixi By Petra Glow Tonic

Pixi Glow Tonic is a must for me! I always thought I didn't need a toner but boy was I wrong. I had these tiny little bumps on my skin and because of those bumps, my makeup didn't apply evenly. After two months of Glow Tonic my skin has cleared up a lot, I don't breakout as much as I used to, it also helped reduce redness. This product pretty much changed my skin in an overall positive way, its good for both oily and dry skin. If you want clear skin, then you must try The Pixi Glow Tonic. Glow Tonic comes in three different sizes: 15 ml, 100 ml, and 250 ml. I love that they have different sizes to choose from so you can try out the small bottle before committing to a bigger bottle. The only con about Glow Tonic is, it's so hard to find in stores. I'm currently hoarding a few of the 100 ml bottles, but once I run out I'm going for the 250 ml!

If you want to know more info on Pixi Glow Tonic, check out this video. 


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