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Anastasia Hypercolor Brow & And Hair Powder

Hey guys as some of you might know i love Anastasia's brow powder in brunette .its the perfect shade for me so I've been hearing about a new product by Anastasia its a brow and hair powder .I've seen people rave about it pictures all over instagram so i decided to check it out .they are $12.50 each i picked up 2 colors one of them is kind of like a chartreuse limeish color and one of them is lilac color 
I've listed the name below .it is very pigmented one swipe and you will be able to see the color. You have to set it with hair spray no bleaching involved .its a fun way to create some dip dye hair or ombre hair and its also very easy to wash out it didn't dry out my hair or anything.
however i did not like the mess that it created it was all over my shirt my hands my bed it was just a mess .i wont say i'm a neat freak but i do not like mess at all and this is when i decided i didn't like this product for my hair at least. Although these products didn't work out for my hair i found another way of using them i used the mega watt green color as a eyeshadow and i loved it. it was easy to blend it's smooth and i didn't see any fallouts.

Anastasia Hypercolor Brow & And Hair Powder
-Ultra Violet\
-Mega Watt Green
Price $12.50
Size 0.07 oz
Where to purchase: Sephora, Anastasia

Ultra violet, Mega Watt Green


I find these powders just ok. I don't think I will use them on my hair again. I love them as a eyeshadow super pigmented and colorful. I did a look with mega watt green which I will be up on the blog soon. 


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