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This was one of the item i picked up on my birthday along with some other products. I had my eyes on this item for a while now so i was excited to use this.I did this quick look using some mac eye shadows. I applied mulch eyeshadow on the lids then packed on Ore pigment on top of mulch i loved how it looked. Ore is like a bronze color with multi color shimmer i really cant explain this unique color its so pretty.I don't think i own any e/s or pigment like this one. I've only used this dry i'm sure it will look gorgeous when used as wet .I liked the color payoff and the glitter on this is so fine .I didn't get that much fall outs so that was good i hate how pigments tends to have so much fallouts .It comes in a small container i don't know if i'm a fan of the packaging .Its hard to use the pigment cause you don't want to spill it its only 0.04oz for $24.00 so it is kind of pricey but i know it will last me forever thats how it is with pigments.these pure pigments can be used on anywhere cheeks ,eyes and brows but i don't see my self using this one anywhere but my eyes maybe a different color would work for cheeks like Beguile Pure pigment as a highlighter on the cheeks.overall i love this pigment and i'm glad i picked it up.

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  1. You look like BD model/singer/actress Shagota! :O the similarity is uncanny!

    btw you did your make up very nicely. u have beautiful eyes so practically anything will look good on u.

    btw if i want to buy from BD where should i buy it from??

    1. Thanks for the compliments i'm not sure who she is but this is not the first time someone told me this i shall google this person lol and are you asking if want to get items shipped to bd ?um my frnd have a facebook page its called indiras collection check it out she takes orders and she can get you anything you need hope this helps thanks again for the compliments =)


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