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Fragrance I'm Loving At The Moment

I'm really a picky person when it comes to perfumes cause i have migraine and sometimes strong scents can trigger that.I always test out and see if it works out for me i know i know doing all this for a perfume is too much but i just have such a hard time finding a perfume that works for one day i was getting some stuff from mac and decided to spray some of this on me (don't judge you know you do that too -.- lol )and i came home and realized how much i loved the smell and so did my husband ;) its just so refreshing light and doesn't have that "floral" scent to it like most of the perfumes does which i hate and this one didn't give me a headache =D so i decided to pick up the small bottle and it was done within couple of weeks i just love the smell i think I've already said that lol I'm going to pick up the big bottle soon finally found a perfume that actually worked for me =D 

-MAC Turquatic (20 ML)


Hope You Enjoyed

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