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Miracle Leave-In Product

Miracle product you say hmm i must try it out and that's exactly what i did. for some reason my hair was acting up it was super oily and greasy i washed my hair everyday bought so many different shampoo's tried some DIY nothing was working.then i thought maybe i should stop using conditioner and that didn't go so well my hair was very frizzy and unmanageable so this time i was on the hunt for a good conditioner.just like the shampoo's i went through a whole bunch of conditioner and my search stopped when i bought It's a 10 .let me start off by saying this is really a miracle product usually i don't do much with my hair i just shampoo condition and let it air dry unless i have plans to go out or something and i love how my hair looks without using any flat or curling iron thanks to its a 10. this also works as a heat protectant and smells so good. the first time i used it i didn't like it cause i sprayed it straight into my hair and i sprayed it all over my scalp and everything.that didn't really go well either then the next time i decided to spray some on my hand and apply it on the bottom half of my hair then i let it air dry and IT WORKED =D i noticed a big difference in my hair my scalp wasn't oily my hair wasn't frizzy usually its the bottom half of my hair that's frizzy and my hair looked so shiny silky smooth and healthy this also helped detangling my hair .last year i went for ombre hair color and my hair was doing good but after couple of months i started to notice how dead my hair looked it was just dull so i decided to chop off the ombre part and started using this continuously right after i got a fresh new hair cut and this product made my hair look so alive a little goes a long way i don't think you should use a lot cause it may weigh your hair down unless your scalp is dry then you can try using it a little more than i do.i just spray twice on my hand then run my fingers through my hair leaving the scalp alone.this is kind of pricey but this has to be the best conditioner I've ever used on my hair so i don't mind paying the amount.if you are having trouble finding a good conditioner i suggest you try this out i hope this will work for you the way it did for me =)

-IT'S A 10 MIRACLE LEAVE-IN PRODUCT (295.7ML / 10 FL OZ  Price-$37 to $42)
this also comes in a smaller bottle 4fl oz which is about $20 


Hope You Enjoyed


  1. ello mona,cn u tell me pls does dis product givs any straightening effect or not?

    1. hello i don't think any product can make our hair look straight like the flat iron does but i have wavy hair and this makes it somewhat straight

  2. hey dose it use like a normal conditionaer?????
    use in wet hair????

    1. Yes but you don't wash this out you leave it in after I get out of the shower I spray some onto my hands and work that through my hair


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