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Cinema Secrets Brush Cleaner

Cinema Secrets Brush Cleaner (Original Price $35.00 to $41.00 32 fl.oz.)

-Pour some on a tin which i don't have so i just used a tiny bowl
-Dip your brushes in the brush cleaner,they suggested to dip only the tip of the large brushes
-Remove the brushes and wipe it on a paper towel or clean cloth and repeat the process if the brush is still dirty
-Allow up to 15 min to dry the small brushes and 30 min for the large brushes but it was dried within 15 to 20 min

As some of you might have seen my Imats Haul i purchased this brush cleaner couple of months ago from imats. today i decided to use this since I'm running low on my other brush cleaner

I poured some onto this cute little bowl and my daughter decided to help me =) 

as soon as i dipped the brush i started to notice how the eyeshadow started to come out and separate from the brush cleaner 

and then i was trying to clean my elf brush and this happened i was like HUH!!=\  i guess the glue came off maybe the chemical was too strong i don't know what happened but thank god this didn't happen with my other brushes cause i took the risk and went on about cleaning the rest of them and it was fine no scary incident =D i like this brush cleaner because i don't have to touch the water for a long period of time we all know how annoying that is specially if you have to wash a whole lotta brushes.  however i didn't like what happened to my elf brush but then again that brush was old i had it for like 5 years or of my mac brush was kind of stained after i used it to apply a hot pink eyeshadow and this brush cleaner really got the stain can check out the pictures below how squeaky clean and shiny my brush looks,i was impressed how fast my brushes dried even the big ones.there is a strong  smell to this brush cleaner almost like rubbing alcohol if fragrance doesn't bother you then you are good to go,cause this is a good brush cleaner it really makes your brushes super clean and shiny.

Squeaky Clean ^.^

Hope You Enjoyed

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