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Clarins UV Plus SPF 40


Clarins UV Plus SPF 40 (Price $40.00 )

It's that time of the year where its going to be hot and humid, sun is going to beam right at you specially when you are out on the beach pool or just being out every day.sunscreen for me is a must have all around the year even during winter time,lot of us don't really worry much about wearing sunscreen during winter which is a bad thing protect your skin cause we don't want any wrinkle do we?...i used to use aveeno sunscreen but for some reason i can't find it old one expired so i had to go on the hunt for a good sunscreen and came across this one.i love this sunscreen cause this does not make me oily whats so ever I've had that problem with some sunscreen in the past one of them was clinique.i hate cliniques sunscreen,it was so heavy broke me out it just didn't work for me.i have oily to combination skin my t zone is oily and around my cheeks it gets dry sometimes so i had to find something that works for my skin.


The consistency of this sunscreen is very runny and lightweight (kind of similar to shiseido sunscreen SPF 50 which i love as well )you have to shake it well before applying it. a little goes a long way this sinks right in,doesn't feel sticky or greasy looks completely matte so this can be worn under your foundation.some sunscreen can give you that chalky look but i haven't experienced anything like that with this one.i have very sensitive skin i break out easily and this didn't break me out. i also use this on my daughter cause her sunscreen bothers her eyes and she gets all teary its just a mess thanks to clarins no more tears =D this is kind of pricey but its totally worth it and i will definitely repurchase this. 


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