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Shiseido Eyelash Curler



Shiseido Eye Lash Curler (Price $19.00)

I needed a eyelash curler after i had lost my old one i don't know why i waited this long to pick one up i clearly needed one badly you will see why 

I have no makeup on this is how my eye lashes look just lays straight flat. i don't have thick lashes but my lashes are long enough oh how i wish i had full on thick lashes =( 


And as you can tell this curler gave my lashes a instant lift,i like this curler cause of the wide round shape it fits all my eye lashes perfectly into the curler.i was surprised at how long the curl lasted without any mascara it last about four hours. another thing i love about this curler is, it didn't pinch my lids which i had experienced with some drugstore lash curlers in the past. this also comes with a extra pad,
i love the fact that i can change the pads
 over all I'm happy with this purchase. 


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