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Chanel Le Volume De Chanel Mascara



Chanel Le Volume De Chanel Mascara 10 Noir (Price $30.00 6 g)

I think i finally found my HG mascara i have had my fair share of trying out mascara's thanks to sephora .none of them gave my flat lifeless lashes the amount of volume like Chanel's LVDC did.let's talk about the packaging its slick and glossy with Chanel CC's on top of the mascara tube.i love one thing about this mascara is when you close it you can hear a click which means theres no air going in so the mascara will last you longer without getting dried out. the bristles of this mascara is straight and shorter in length which makes it easier to get to those hard to reach corners.this mascara is not waterproof which is a another thing i love about this mascara I'm not a big fan of water proof mascara's .this mascara is extremely black i mean really really jet black ,when i applied this the first time i was just amazed and surprised with just 2 coats of LVDC my lashes looked super long and volumized i have never seen my lashes look like this I'm definitely sold.

Here's how it looks after applying 2 coats of LVDC with out using a lash curler,seriously i couldn't stop looking at my lashes cause they never looked this long and thick (pictures don't do justice) and i didn't even need a lash curler!! thanks to Chanel LVDC.the pigmentation of this mascara is amazing doesn't smudge at all this instantly gives your lashes volume the name speaks for it self.if you are looking for a mascara that gives your lashes long thick volume look than you must try out Chanel Le Volume DE Chanel mascara I'm totally in love with this mascara i will gladly spend my $30 bucks and repurchase this =)


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