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Mac Heaux Lipstick


Mac Heaux Lipstick (Price $15.00 3g)
Retro Matte Finish



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Mac Heaux is a retro matte finish,berry shade lipstick from RiRi <3 Mac Summer Collection.i really like this raspberry shade lipstick perfect for fall but i will be rocking this during summer as well.if you own Mac's Ruby Woo then you are already familiar with the consistency of these lipsticks but this new retro matte finish lipsticks are little less drying than ruby woo. i see people comparing this to Mac's Rebel lipstick but i lost my rebel so i couldn't do a comparison =( also check out RiRi Woo if you are wondering how that looks.i skipped everything else from this collection cause i don't know i wasn't impressed =\ i wanted to get the lustre drops but i changed my mind on that and i skipped RiRi Boy cause i have way too many violet/lavender color lipsticks so i ended up purchasing Heaux and a backup for RiRi time I'm definitely getting a back up for Heaux as well.


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