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Louis Vuitton Alma BB

Hey guys i purchased a bright color bag for summer i was really confused i had to choose between rose velours which is a nude ish color and rose Indian which is a deep pink i went with rose Indian.this comes with a removal shoulder strap I'm 5'3 and the straps is perfect for me not too long not too short. I'm happy with my choice its super cute and perfect for summer.i like the size of this bag even though it's small it's perfect for me i'm not a big bag type of girl i love medium to small cross body bags. but i had to search and hunt this bad boy down i got the last one from Macy's but there was some spots on that bag, so i had to exchange & wait blah blah after all the hassle i finally got a brand new one its made in France =D please watch the video for more pictures =)

because of the flash the color looks different but in person its really more of a deep pink color


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