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I'm back! I know Ive been MIA lately but I'm back and sharing some empties with you guys. These are some of the products that I love and I always get backups of. I already did a review on the Origins Peel Pads. I will do a review on this cleanser and the shampoo soon.

I had a rough start with this product, slowly but surely this product made it to my list of favorite skincare products. When you see a visible result of a product it just makes that product 10 times better. This peel pad removes every single thing from your skin. I cant rave enough about these peel pads. Check out the detail review HERE.

Philosophy Purity Made Simple
Since I love this cleanser so much and I go through those 8 oz bottles pretty quick. I decided to get the 16 oz bottle this time. I use this cleanser both am and pm. I have been using this cleanser for ages now. Its very gentle. I wash my brushes with this cleanser too takes out all the foundation blush etc. Even though its a gentle cleanser it takes off makeup really well. I will do a detail review on this cleanser soon.

Kiehl's Amino Acid Shampoo
I love love this shampoo. Its so gentle yet cleans my oily scalp really well. I have super oily scalp and I use a clarifying shampoo once a week and I use this everyday. I know shampooing everyday is not good for your hair but my scalp gets oily overnight. This shampoo is very gentle doesn't make my hair harsh at all. It does have a coconut fragrance but its not overpowering at all. It is a little bit expensive since I go through these bottles really quick but let me tell you Ive been searching for a good shampoo for a while now.I finally found a good everyday shampoo so I'm willing to pay the price. I will also do a detail review on this shampoo so stay tuned for that.


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